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Sweet Pea – A Canine Allergy Sufferer

Cindy VanDerVelden - Sunday, March 23, 2014

When we rescued a little black lab cross aptly named Sweet Pea, 6 years ago we had no idea what obstacles we were about to be faced with. Never being personally afflicted with allergies nor ever owning an animal with allergies I was not prepared for the journey ahead. Sweet Pea is as her name suggests – sweet with a heart of gold and a body riddled with itch. What started off as seasonal allergies and somewhat controllable soon blossomed into full blown year round allergies. We started noticing her chewing at her paws endlessly.

She would also get areas around her muzzle that she scratched at so badly they would bleed, chronic ear infections started, red blister type rashes would break out on her stomach, anal area and under her tail. As a new symptom presented itself another trip to the vet was needed. Costs escalated as new drugs were tried and the only thing that worked well enough were steroids which we used only to give her some temporary relief from severe flair ups. We tried a lengthy process of food testing to see if we could isolate what was causing the allergies. Grain free, single protein with a single starch, no chicken, no beef, no lamb, no fish the endless trial and error approach and then finally raw. With the raw diet there was some relief and the positives are her teeth are fabulous as is her coat and her weight, but the itch prevails.

My horses are boarded at Stone Hedge Farm, Cindy and I were talking about my problems with Sweet Pea and her allergies. She shared about bringing VetCur products to Canada and suggested that I have a look at her website. I firmly believe in holistic medicine for myself and for my animals as I have seen the benefits first hand. My small animal vet thankfully believes in a holistic approach and he is the one who suggested the raw diet. Healing from the inside out made a lot of sense to me. I had tried every salve, cream, lotion I could get my hands on and addressing the issues on the outside of the skin wasn’t getting to the root cause of the allergens.

Sweet Pea has been on VetCur’s DiVet for 7 days now. The present area of affliction has been her stomach which has gone from an angry blistered rash to next to nothing. Her paws are equally bad, but she is not chewing at them as constantly and her demeanour is happier and more relaxed. Cindy suggested I try Cur1 to help on the outside. She doesn’t appear to be as itchy and is not chewing at her feet as much.

The typical treatment period is the age of the dog plus 1 month. So Sweet Pea’s treatment will be 7 months in duration. I am to use DiVet for 2 months and 2 weeks, the the DiVet ½ dose combined with ImVet ½ dose for 2 months plus 1 week and then ImVet full dose for 2 months plus 1 week. I will continue to document and report, but at the end of this our hope is she will be allergy free and will no longer need to be on the VetCur products! I am amazed that this will not be a lifelong supplement. I know Sweet Pea is anxious for “Let the healing begin.... "

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