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Meet Angus before VetCur!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I met his owner at the Royal Winter Fair and they had been battling his issues for a long time. His eye was so bad that the vets only solution was to remove the eye. They were even thinking of putting him down as his quality of life was so low. His owner and I had a long chat at the Royal and she decided to give it one last go! VetCur's ImVet and Agiovet is what we used. The Agiovet was put directly into his eye a couple of times a day and the ImVet was taken at full dose once per day.   Read More . . .

Sweet Pea – A Canine Allergy Sufferer

Sunday, March 23, 2014

When we rescued a little black lab cross aptly named Sweet Pea, 6 years ago we had no idea what obstacles we were about to be faced with. Never being personally afflicted with allergies nor ever owning an animal with allergies I was not prepared for the journey ahead. Sweet Pea is as her name suggests – sweet with a heart of gold and a body riddled with itch. What started off as seasonal allergies and somewhat controllable soon blossomed into full blown year round allergies. We started noticing her chewing at her paws endlessly.   Read More . . .

Adios Allergies

Thursday, March 06, 2014

The term allergy derives from the Greek words allos, which mean "other" and ergon "reaction". Hence, allergy is "another reaction than a normal one". Providing allergies have already broken out, VetCur can assist the body in getting back on the right track. Thus, allergies are not congenital but a true immune system dilemma that can indeed be prevented!   Read More . . .

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