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Tick Free Animals, The Natural Way

Cindy VanDerVelden - Friday, March 07, 2014

A tick is a 2-4mm mite that takes about 5-6 hours to firmly attach itself on the thin skin of its host. After 10-14 days the tick will become fully engorged with blood, whereafter it lets go to progress the next stage in its 2-year life cycle. They live in bushy, grassy areas and crawl up their host, on whom they will try to attach. Your animals can be naturally tick-free with Cur1. Begin by spraying your pet after a bath for nuturing wellness, well-being and a lovely, fresh smell.

Treat pets prior to walks for optimal, powerful and natural tick protection. If attending an exhibition or show you can also achieve a healthy, beautiful and shiny fur coat. Additional benefits include application after a pet is stung or bitten by insects for both itching relief and pain reduction.

VetCur Products help maintain a healthy:

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