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All VetCur products are developed to match the need of each individual animal species. VetCur products are all natural and they use as many organic ingredients as possible. Please be aware that all VetCur pet supplements are to be considered as feed and according to the legislation feed is not supposed to heal, diagnose or cure any disease. We know that nutrition provides the tools and the building blocks for the body to thrive and sometimes that is what the systems inside the body actually need to maintain or obtain health and wellness. The body is an amazing thing in the fact that given the right nutritional help the body can on occassion heal itself.

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  • Cur1


    • $25.00

    Cur1 is a complete skin and coat care that is specifically tailored for dogs and cats. It can be a great challenge for the skin health and result in a variety of skin and fur problems. Cur1 is a natural alternative and at the same time highly effective in protecting the integrity of skin and hair.

    As a bonus the formula makes the coat shiny and the skin soft, and can be used as a mildly scented coat conditioner.

    Easy to use instructions are on the bottle


    Ingredients -  Coffee, aloe vera, fleawort, saw palmetto, vervain oil, lavender oil, crane┬┤s bill oil, parsley oil, colloidal silver 10ppm, water

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