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All VetCur products are developed to match the need of each individual animal species. VetCur products are all natural and they use as many organic ingredients as possible. Please be aware that all VetCur pet supplements are to be considered as feed and according to the legislation feed is not supposed to heal, diagnose or cure any disease. We know that nutrition provides the tools and the building blocks for the body to thrive and sometimes that is what the systems inside the body actually need to maintain or obtain health and wellness. The body is an amazing thing in the fact that given the right nutritional help the body can on occassion heal itself.

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  • The Red

    The Red

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    The genes are the blue print of how to build and maintain the body. The more than 150 thousand protein molecules necessary to maintain the body functions are products of gene expression. So you can say that a body is a protein machine. During the waking hours or daytime the body is constantly building and repairing cells, tissue, organs and systems. For that purpose the body needs a lot of building blocks or nutrients to insure an optimal result.

    There are a number of illnesses that are caused by the malfunctioning of vital body systems. Because the immune system is subject to heavy environmental influence also known as epigenetics - meaning that the perception of the organism towards the environment alters the expression and/or miss expression of the underlying genes - it is very important to equip the body to "handle" the actual environment that it is facing on a daily basis.

    When fed in the morning, is tailored to provide a lot of the vital nutrients, that the body needs to optimally perform its daily building, repairing and controlling task.

    Easy to use instructions on bottle.

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