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A Cat named Zira

I have never written a testimonial to a business before, but I had to let you two know that these products worked like a miracle for my cat. This was a cat that came as a stray to my door. She had hardly any of her ears left, her eyes were scabbed closed and she had no fur on her face. Her mouth and chin had virtually been 'eaten' away. The pound wouldn't take her as they didn't know what she had, so I called my vet to come and put her down. She thought she could save her and agreed to do the labour pro bono if I would pay for the medication. 'Scar' spent almost 3 weeks at the vet's and finally they settled on a steroid treatment for her. This worked wonders, but did not last. We then tried Prednisolone, which again, brought her condition (we still don't really know what that is) under control. After about 2 months she started to slide again. We increased the dosage by 50%, then 100%, then 200% and saw no improvement. She was bleeding from behind her ears, missing all the fur on her face, ears and front paws and had take to chewing her feet until they bled. We were giving her one more week before we put her out of her misery. 

We purchased your DiVet and ImVet on Friday and gave her her first dose when we got home. By last Friday, one week later, all the scabs have fallen off, she no longer has fluid running out of her ears and her fur is growing back. She has stopped obsessively licking and chewing her paws and everything is healing nicely. She now gets up and goes outside, curls up on my daughter's bed and acts like an entirely normal cat. We have probably used up less that $5.00 worth of product. We are 11 days in. 

I don't know what this stuff is or how it works and to be honest it was just a last ditch attempt so I didn't feel guilty about putting her down. I am generally a strong 'disbeliever' in these types of products, but you have a convert! 

Also, I wouldn't have purchased it except for your enthusiasm and knowledge of animal nutrition and your 'free' advice on cat foods (which you don't even sell). So thank you! All the best with your business endeavors. How great to have a business that truly helps and heals your customers. 

P.S. we have renamed her Zira 


Sandi Nelles

— A Cat named Zira

Allergies - Dog

We have a 6 year old Lab cross-named Sweet Pea and she is as her name suggests...sweet. She sadly has severe allergies, which have gone from seasonal to year round. She suffers from chronic ear infections, skin rashes that typically erupt on her stomach and anal area and she chews at her paws so badly she has removed the hair from the tops of both back paws.

We have tried diet. We switched to grain free dry dog food, then a single starch and single protein dry dog food and had to try countless different combinations. We saw no change so we finally switched to raw. We did see a moderate change initially, but the allergies seem to be ramping up again.

The only thing which offers her some relief (Benadryl no longer works) is a steroid and I refuse to continue, as they are harmful to her long term.

Enter Vetcur. We have had her on DiVet for 4 days now. Her stomach rash has lessened and she is not chewing at her paws as she was. She seems happier and less agitated. Only day 4 and as she is 6 I am told the dog's age plus one month is the treatment period so this will be a process of 7 months, but we have been fighting this battle for 5 years now.

Quinn & Sweet Pea

— Allergies - Dog

Allergies- Dog

TIMEX is a 10 & 1/2 year old Labradoodle. He has had serious allergies (food and environment) since he was a puppy. Prior to talking your products, his ears would flare up red on a constant basis and it was very painful. He was on a steady diet of Benadryl and Vanectyl and a special food diet to try and minimize the frequency and severity of his ear flare ups. With Vanectyl being a steroid, we knew that it could cause some serious health issues if he was on it for an extended period of time. Once he started taking your products, things got much better. The ear flare ups steadily became less and less frequent and much less severe. We have been able to wean him completely off both the Benadryl and the Vanectyl. He is now on maintenance doses of ImVet and 10 Good Reasons.


— Allergies - Dog

Horse Allergies

Meet Edita she is a 16-year-old Andalusian mare that has suffered the last five years or so with allergies that were getting progressively worse each year. She was so itchy everywhere, even in her ears that she became more and more difficult to ride. She took severe reactions to her annual inoculations and even splitting them up did not help. Then she developed a cough that would not go away even with antibiotics, steroids and antihistamines. 

Everything was tried but nothing worked. Then I was told about VetCur and even though I had never heard of VetCur I decided to try the DiVet and ImVet and within a short period of time the cough disappeared and after a couple of months the itching subsided and she was walking flat footed and could focus on other things besides the itching. 

She sailed through her inoculations last spring and she is now a very happy mare that is a pleasure to ride. Her treatment period was 8-9 months so she was right on track. The fall is her worst time of the year but she was free of all symptoms. We gave her a break from the products over the winter and due to the severity of her past reaction to her inoculations we decided to start her back on them starting the beginning of March to set her up for her spring time inoculations which will also get her through any spring allergies that might still be there. 

It was amazing to think that a natural product could do what nothing else could. Thank you VetCur and Stone Hedge Farm Canada!

Carol & Edita

— Allergies - Horse


Meet Angus before Vetcure - Dog

I met his owner at the Royal Winter Fair and they had been battling his issues for a long time. His eye was so bad that the vets only solution was to remove the eye. They were even thinking of putting him down as his quality of life was so low. His owner and I had a long chat at the Royal and she decided to give it one last go! ImVet and Agiovet is what we used. The Agiovet was put directly into his eye a couple of times a day and the ImVet was taken at full dose once per day.

In Just 6 Short Weeks Meet the New Angus

— Angus the Dog

Arthritis and Hips - Dog

August 2, 2014 Buddy and Casey 

We have two dogs, Buddy a 14-year-old Golden Retriever and Casey a 4-year-old mixed breed. Buddy has very bad arthritis and poor rear hip usage. Our vet had him on Tramadol 200mg which is a pain reliever and although the maximum prescription was being used, Buddy was in pain and unable to walk much. Since being on ReVet, he has regained his youthfulness and will walk, run and roll. His pain has subsided for the most part and we believe had he been on ReVet earlier, his lifestyle would be been much better. If the cost of ReVet appears to be an issue we are saving over $ 250.00/month compared to what our Vet was charging us. 

Casey had a very bad rear leg broken at one year of age. Quite often she would limp and we would question if she had broken it again. Since she has been on ReVet we have seen no limping and expect earlier use of ReVet will have substantial impact on her as she ages. 

ReVet. DiVet and the other VetCur products may give you skepticism, they did us at the beginning, but they have truly worked on both of our dogs. Although Buddy probably doesn't have a long time left his quality of life has greatly improved thanks to VetCur. There are alternative treatments available for your pet's health and VetCur is one that truly works.

Wade and Christy

— Arthritis - Dog



I purchased ImVet for my dog at the Royal Winter Fair. She is an 11 year old Lakeland Terrier who had just been diagnosed with pemphigus. I am happy to report that she has made almost a complete recovery. All that is left is a very slight redness in her eyelids and I am certain that this will soon resolve also.  Before starting on ImVet both of Keeley;s eyelids were swollen and oozing, she had sores on on and between her paw pads, nose, gums, anus and vulva and she would scratch and lick at herself until she bled. My vet believed she had pemphigus and could only offer a prolonged treatment with powerful steroids, Thankfully I found you at the Royal Winter Fair. She had been on ImVet for about 4 weeks before I started to notice signs of improvement, by six weeks the sores had gone from everywhere except her eyes although they too were greatly improved. Now at the 2 month mark her hair is starting to regrow around her eyes and she is almost completely back to normal. I will be keeping her on ImVet for another couple of months at least, just to be safe.

Thank you VetCur from June and Keeley!

— Auto Immune Disease - Pemphigus

Cribbing - Horse

Coal is a 6-year-old OTTB who came to me with many issues one of which was severe cribbing. The majority of my fencing is electric to minimize damage. He came to me with a cribbing collar but I don't believe in them and I think that it stresses them out more if they don't have somewhere to release their stress. He is so excessive we have to replace the fence boards we do have, four times per year. I started him on DiVet and NeVet half dose of each once per day on Wednesday night and within the past four days he has gone from excessive cribbing to mild cribbing. 


— Cribbing - Horse

Cystitis in Cats

We rescued Cinder 7 years ago from the OSPCA. She had a chronic case of cystitis which was not apparent until a few months after we adopted her. I took her to our vet and fortunately he had a cat with the same problem. He sent me home with drugs and told me to keep her stress to a minimum. As she is one of multiple animals in our household that was difficult. He also said there was no cure just maintenance. On average Cinder was at the vets a minimum of 4 times a year. Then came VetCur. Cinder was on NeVet and ImVet for 10 months and is now on year 2 of no episodes. I have had workmen in the house, my daughter left for school and I have left on vacation with a pet sitter and no episodes. For an issue I was told was a lifetime affliction VetCur proved wrong! I would highly recommend to all cat owners fighting the losing battle with cystitis!

Alison and Cinder!!

— Cystitis in Cats

Diabetes Cat

We have a cat Leo the Grouch who cannot go to the vet. He is next to impossible to handle and his stress levels go through the roof….and the vet isn’t sad to not see him! He had issues as a kitten and holds a grudge….big time! He eats air, but is still grossly overweight and was urinating frequently and large amounts. Just because I don’t take him does not mean I am not in close contact with my vet. If the urine output got to the size of small grapefruits I would have to get him in for diabetic testing. Enter DiVet and 10 Good Reasons. Leo has now been on it for 2.5 years (I know I can take him off, but that is a personal choice of mine given his age and level of grumpiness!) I did have to take him in for an emergency visit and they did bloodwork…….everything came back clear and his liver and kidney function was normal. At 17 he isn’t getting younger, slimmer or less grouchy, but he does not have diabetes and the only thing I can credit with that fact is the VetCur products DiVet and 10 Good Reasons. I have lived the life of a diabetic cat owner and it was with a loving, sweet cat who was a pin cushion at the vets and after a brave fight lost his battle with diabetes and it cost me thousands of dollars. VetCur has been a Godsend for Leo and my pocketbook!

Leo loves VetCur!

— Diabetes in Cats


I have a rescue Azores Cattle Dog named Tali. I have no idea how old she is, but she has always been the picture of health and her breed has little or no health issues. At best guess she is 10, but could be 14. October 3rd she had her first seizure. A terrifying thing to witness and especially when it came out of nowhere. She came out of the bush and was wobbly, made it to me and fell on her side convulsing. Three weeks after the first she had another more intense one and lost her bowels. I went directly to my vet after the first one and he felt it could have been a side effect to a drug she had taken for stomach upset. I was told to watch her and hopefully a one off. Sadly not the case and when I reported the second seizure had ramped he suggested it was Epilepsy and she would need to be put on Phenobarbital. My vet is wonderful and he said he would rather try some alternate routes because the Phenobarbital was a strong drug with side effects. I told him I had many of my other animals on the VetCur products and he suggested I go the holistic approach first. Tali did have another seizure 3 weeks later, but greatly diminished in severity. Her whole body trembled and she got as close to me as possible, but she was awake and alert. When I phoned to report the latest episode he felt she had decreased in severity not increased. Today 3 weeks after the third episode she had a lie down and her front legs trembled, but that was the extent of it. Still early days, but from what I have witnessed the combination of ImVet and NeVet are working to control the severity and length of the seizures. I would highly recommend VetCur products for Epilepsy in dogs.

Alison & Tali

— Epilepsy - Dog

Equine PPID/Cushings

Nikah is doing very well so far. She is still taking the products by syringe in the morning before she goes out. She really likes it. Not sure if I will put it in her food because this way I know she gets it all.

Friday was 15 C & by Saturday morning it was -5C so a drastic change in temps. This usually creates Foot problems. She was tender the one day, on stall rest and then bounced back up again...so that is really good news! I am watching her resiliency to see how well she can bounce back. I took her off her antinflammatories when I got back from Toronto so she is only on the Vetcure and pergolide for her PPID.  She also got her 4 feet trimmed on Monday and handled it really well. Normally it can be difficult got her. So all of these things put together is really good news and indicates steady improvement. She needs all the support she can get right now inside and out with changing temps and the frozen ground out there combined with her immune system weakened by the Ppid. So all is well and I will continue to keep you posted! ☺  Jean

— Equine PPID/Cushings

Happy Mare - Horse

Before Jo and you convinced me to try VetCur on my girl, I had given up hope, when feeding only low sugar/starch foods seemed to do nothing to her shape and condition. On a full 48mg of Levo powder, her insulin levels were still 156, three times the high side of normal range.

Judging by her body condition, gait, and seriously upbeat temperament, I can only credit VetCur. The changes started immediately, within days we could see changes in her. When she was sick, her coat was dull, she had fat deposits everywhere she shouldn't, and she was dull in her eyes, and very docile, very unlike her normal self. Now she gleams. I do not put anything on her but a brush and she looks like she's had straight up show sheen applied to her coat. Her eyes are bright, and clear, and she's having fun again.

I can never thank you enough for helping get my mare on the road to recovery. I feel hopeful that we've got it instead of not knowing what else to do for her. I hope to meet you someday so I can hug you properly.

Thanks so much, Betty!!

— Happy Mare - Horse

Genuine Health Care - Horse

A big thank you to the Orillia Equine Community who helped Justice find a home that has him on the road to good health. Many people responded with kind offers of care and all had very good facilities.

For Justice and I, one place stood out above all the others as the perfect fit. Cindy Vandervelden, at Stonehedge Farm. Her farm is a peaceful place of healing, with the comfort of her solid knowledge in horse care. She has dubbed it Shangrila, and I completely agree. Happy horses, beautiful barn, paddocks, hacking and large, professional sand ring, individual feed program using top quality hay and grain products. The incredible sunsets over the valley are an added bonus that I love.

The factor that has me feeling blessed is my introduction to Vet-Cur products. Cindy is the Canadian Distributor and has educated me on the powerful ability for these natural products to heal from the inside out. A great feed program tailored for Justice and these products have saved the life of my horse. He had been so sick for the last year and the vets and feed experts were at a loss to give me any more advice. I had tried every feed supplement, prescribed medication and homeopathic advice imaginable without success. I was on the edge of considering putting him out of his misery. This move to Stonehedge was my last resort.

Cindy assessed his physical, emotional state and took into account his personality as she determined his treatment and environment. A paddock to himself with his new horse friends close at hand. This way he has hay 24/7 without having to fight for it. He had developed ulcers and was constantly colicky this past year. He is now given Di-vet to aid his digestion and has not had one colicky day since. He had been falling apart with ulcers, hoof abscesses and a fetlock sprain that would not heal. No more sickness and the swelling in the fetlock is improving dramatically. SolVet & DiVet has given his immune system the foundation to help him heal. He has gained 25 lbs a week and the spark of life can be seen in his eye again. I feel so incredibly blessed to see my old boy again! He is now on a mineral supplement called Vi-vet, that will help his muscle and tissue to heal and give him the ability to slowly become more active again. As you can see from the before and after pictures below he was in extremely poor shape in mid August. After just one month with Cindy's care there is a HUGE improvement. If you are looking for genuine health for your horse that will surpass all other products in its integrity, contact Cindy at Stonehedge Farm for more information. You can also come and join us in Shangrila :)

Before - August 19:


After - moved to Stonehedge Sept 8, 2015 below pic taken Oct 13, 2015


Thanks Audrey!  I have my horse back...

— Health Care - Horse

Laminitis/Arthritis - Pony

Mulan from Lawn Ornament to Rideable

Our pony Mulan was sent to Guelph to get x-rays and lameness testing. The result was not her hocks nor her stifle as we suspected, but arthritis in her left front pastern. At 17 we felt she would just be a much loved and adored pet. We moved to a new barn and she was having ‘changes’ in her front feet. The farrier suggested we keep an eye out due to evident heat rings. Cindy Vandervelden suggested we put her on ReVet and DiVet to help with laminitis as a maintenance precaution. The heat rings grew out and nothing else presented itself. That was in February 2014. In the spring that year my daughter was leading her out to the paddock and she started trotting and playing. We decided to take her to the sand ring and put her on a lunge line…..she exploded! Cantering, bucking and then extended trot…..sound as a dollar both directions! We were treating her for one ailment and it corrected another! Not only was she able to go on grass in the summer she was rideable again. ReVet and DiVet made all the difference in our ponies life and I would highly recommend it for lameness and laminitis issues!

Mulan loves VetCur!

— Laminitis/Arthritis - Pony

Mammory Gland Tumors - Dog

Hi Cindy,

We have gone through three sessions with Mini with such improvement in her health. We decided to do some blood work on Mini this past Saturday and the results came back perfect!

My vet said her blood looks fantastic, no anemia anymore and all the other counts are great as well!! That is such great news! She also couldn't feel any new tumours growing and was really happy with her...other than that she gained another kilo! 😳. The Red, The Green, Nut Power and 10 Good Reasons saved her life!!!

Katrin & Mini!!!

— Mammory Gland Tumors - Dog

Natural Dewormer

"Thank you so much! That's perfect. The horses loved the taste. The cats ate theirs all up too."


— ParaVet - Natural Dewormer

Sarcoid - Horse

Hi Cindy

I put the Cur1 on Sabi daily. It took about a year for it to clear up, just a little tiny spot left now, as you can see, and that is slowly going. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Cur1 to anybody with same problem.

Thank you

— Sarcoid - Pat Dale

Sweet Itch- Horse

My horse is doing quite well. I am just about ready to order the ImVet. I am also using Derfen by Animaderm on the areas she gets itchy. With the DiVet and the Derfen, I haven't had to give her steroids yet this season!! This is the best she has been in 6 years.

— Sweet Itch - Kelly

Sweet Itch- Horse

"And although I have just started treating my mare, I haven't seen her scratch for days!"

— Sweet Itch - Kim

Sweet Itch - Horse

Cindy thank you so much for introducing these great products to me for use on my lovely stallion Soberbio! His allergic reaction to biting midges causes constant suffering all summer but the VetCur products, particularly the Cur1 spray, have certainly helped heal it! Thank you so much!!  Muriel & Soberbio

— Sweet Itch - Muriel Chestnut and Soberbio


Galloping Goop Degreaser, Shampoo & Conditioner

I have recently tried the "Equine" Grooming Products and am amazed at the results. My paint mare has a lot of white hair and loves to get down and dirty! I have tried various shampoos etc...but have not had results as good as this.


The DEGREASER really works well, especially on the mane, tail and those stubborn manure and grass stains. SHAMPOO is low sudsing, cleans deeply and rises out extremely easy. The coat, mane and tail have a beautiful silky feel after using the CONDITIONER. as a bonus the CONDITIONER seems to make any new stains (which are inevitable) easier to remove.


I rate these products very highly and would recommend them to all horse owners, but especially to those who are fortunate(??) enough to own a white (or grey) horse. These products are now a standard item in my barn.


Liz Thompson

— Galloping Goop (Degreaser, Shampoo and Conditioner)

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